Beautiful, Inside and Out | Jupiter Fl. Photography

This beautiful little girl gave me a special gift last night, the gift of cooperation.  She ran upstairs, after a long day at school.  Brushed and braided her own hair.  Put on a sweet little dress and came happily into the studio and gave me these irreplaceable images.  She is such an incredibly independent little girl.  She has been since day one.  She makes up her own mind and is not easily persuaded to change it.  She is much more girly than I am or ever was.  She is obsessed with make-up, high heels, swimming, tennis, dressing up, art, singing and being outside.  She has a more serious and responsible side than her brother.  And, like with most little girls, there are rarely drama free moments in our house.   She is completely obsessed with our tiny little dog, Tucker.  He is a little obsessed with her as well.  I don’t ever want to forget what she was like during her childhood.  These images will help me to always remember.  It is so important to capture these fleeting moments, especially as they get a bit older.  I don’t tend to photograph my children nearly as much as I did when they were babies. But, I don’t ever want to forget any stage in my children’s lives, these images will last for generations to come and be cherished by her and her children some day.  I want to preserve the memory of this little girl and who she is before she becomes a tween, a teen and adult.  She is growing up so fast , it’s so evident in these images.  But, I know that one day, I will look at these images and see how small she really  was and miss the precious little girl that she used to be.  Pick up your camera and preserve some precious memories of your own little ones.  Do it today, before today is gone forever.  Thank you Grace, thank you for giving me this gift.  It’s truly one of the best ones that I have ever received.

Xoxo,  Aimee

Child photography