Beautiful Family | Jupiter Photography

This family is very special to me.  They have trusted me with their portraits for many years. They believe in me and my work and  last week they let me know just how much they value what I do.  Their session was simply amazing and it reinforced my love for being a photographer.  Watching their interactions with one another and seeing, first hand, the incredible relationship that they share warmed my heart, especially the one between these little girls.  Sibling relationships are all so unique and can be difficult to capture at times.  Most of the time it takes a great deal of patience to catch just the right moment, especially when one of them is a two year old.  But, these two sweet little girls made it so effortless for me to capture the joy they feel when they are together.  Not just once, but many times, over and over again.  Through several outfit changes and set changes they continued to give me gorgeous, genuine smiles throughout the entire session.  They were an absolute pleasure to have in the studio!  After the session was over we chatted for a while about the importance of capturing these special moments, how fleeting these years truly are and what a treasure these images will be for generations to come.   I feel so blessed to have families like this one in my life, they remind me of why I chose to be a photographer and why this passion runs too deep to ever consider doing anything else.  To this beautiful family I want to say, I value you too, more than you may ever realize.  Here is a very, very small selection of their session.  I have intentionally left out their family images so that I don’t spoil their holiday card.  If you would like to see more images from their session you can view their slideshow here.


Call Aimee at 561-748-9992 or email her to schedule your session.  Please allow 2-4 weeks as sessions fill up fast.