Digital Design Wednesday

Aimee Nelson Photography is excited to bring you Digital Design Wednesday!  Each Wednesday you will find lots of great ideas for using your beautiful digital images in new and creative ways!  So many friends and clients invest in gorgeous photography and sadly print very few of their images, if any.   They say they don’t know where to begin or they are simply not creative enough to come up with cute ideas.  Anyone with a Pinterest account these days knows you no longer have to be creative, you just have to do it!!  So get those images out of your cabinet and onto your walls!

This is the landing on my stair case.  It’s about 15 feet tall and about 6 feet wide.  I used images of my family that were all taken at random times.  Since none of the pictures really match, I kept the frames super simple.  Each image is framed in a simple 9 x 9 glass frame that I purchased at Ikea for only $1.00 each. Any set of square frames will work nicely for this type of display.   It was such an inexpensive and easy project and has a huge impact when you look up my stair case.   My children love sitting at the top of the stairs and absorb all of the memories, it’s like a giant scrapbook, but much easier to create:)


Here is a great tutorial with step by step directions and 35 wall collages samples!  So many great ideas in one place!!


Love this gorgeous grey and yellow nursery, and the canvas above the crib, just perfect!

project nursery making your walls unique :: wall art wednesday :: laura winslow photography

Project Nursery


How cute is this?  I would love to do this above my daughter’s bed!  [cookie2.jpg]